Meet the Exec Board

Meet the Exec Board

President: Josh Von Holtz

Serves as the interface between faculty, administration and student members of the Invention Studio. The President is the chief officer of the executive board 

Vice President: Saad Lalani

Serves as the primary contact to coordinate tours and information to the general public

Director of Operations: Morgan Cook

Serves as the day-to-day manager, including hiring, scheduling and training Prototyping Instructors

Shop Manager: David Gamero

Serves as the manager of all equipment within the Invention Studio, working to ensure function and safety

Director of Finance: Walker Poole

Serves as the manager of all records of revenue, expenditures, and reimbursements

Director of Growth and Development: Ece Polat

Serves as the developer for the evolution of the Invention Studio’s space, tooling, events, capital, and staff requirements as envisioned by the executive board

Director of Programming: Al Amidon

Serves as the manager of all sponsored events, including workshops and hackathons

Director of Communications: Nirosha Beekhuysen

Serves as the manager of external communication through social media and internal communications within the Invention Studio

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amit Jariwala

Serves as a faculty representative to guide the collaboration with Georgia Tech administration and the acquisition of funding