Beginner Projects

Invention Studio Beginner Projects

Want to make something, but don't know where to start? This recipe book of simple, beginner-friendly projects has ideas and instructions to help guide you along. Our high school interns and prototyping instructors have completed each of these projects, and they hope that you learn something new while making them!

In this recipe, you are going to be making a two-level shelf with various wood room machines and epoxy.

Tools: Jointer, planar, table saw, bandsaw, hand tools

Author: Maya Dickson

If you want pins for a club or group or just for fun, you can follow this recipe and use the pin makers in Craftland to create them. The designs can be hand drawn (on the paper provided in the components) or can be printed out beforehand in the correct sizes.

Tools: Pin/button Maker

Author: Maya Dickson

In this recipe, you’ll be making a few dice that you can use in your everyday life. You’ll start with a block of wood, and cut it down to a small, four-square die. Additionally, you can engrave dots into the wood using a laser cutter, with provided files.

Tools: Planar, jointer, table saw, miter saw, sanders

Author: Evan Dickson

This recipe will show you how to create and program a simple robotic arm controlled by a joystick. The arm is made of laser cut, 3D printed, and electronic components, and the device uses an Arduino (or equivalent) microcontroller.

Tools: 3D printers, laser cutter, electronics area

Author: Madison Bohm