It's Robot Fighting Time!

The Invention Studio hosted the Georgia Tech members of Chaos Corps as they cut the weapons for their Season 3 entry to ABC's Battlebots. We were particularly excited to support and learn from two former Prototyping Instructors - Dan Hammer (BSME 2013) and Matthew Carroll (now of the Montgomery Machining Mall). We had a great time learning about the process of designing such massive fighting machines and how it feels being on the set of a huge component of maker culture, while they set up and ran their cuts on our large waterjet.

Quick Facts

  • The vertical disk stock weighed nearly 100 lbs!
  • The stock was a 2" slab of hardened steel.
  • The vertical disk spinner took nearly 6 hours to cut!

How to Follow Up:

  • Learn more about Chaos Corps -
  • Georgia Tech PR about Season 2 bot -
  • Learn how to use our waterjet - [LINK OMAX HERE]
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