A Fun End-of-Semester Celebration

Every semester, the GWW School of Mechanical Engineering likes to reward us for our hard work by throwing us a banquet to celebrate the end of another successful semester. This time we celebrated with cotton candy and other carnival themed treats as we recognized our Prototyping Instructor rockstars and our graduating seniors.

Quick Facts

  • This year, we handed out 5 awards for excellence!
    • Appreciation Award - Nick Rupert, our IT Officer
    • Best Apprentice - Jake Peloquin, CNC Apprentice
    • Best Master - Veronica Spencer, Craftland Master
    • Best New PI - Luis Icaza
    • Best PI - Joe Petroni, Waterjet Apprentice
  • Each of our 10 graduating seniors was given their own award for getting out!
  • The Spring banquet is when the new Executive Board officially takes over.
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