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We're an organization with a lot going on, and we know that you're a person with stuff to do and places to see. To make it easier to talk to us, we've sorted ourselves out into a few different categories: general questions, equipment-focused questions, staff-based questions, and questions for our faculty advisor.

General Questions

Want to set up a collaborative event? Want to understand more about how we operate? Want to reach out to our Executive Board?

Send us a quick email about it! Make sure to include a descriptive title!

Do you have a question about a specific tool? Click one of the icons below to email one of our Masters!

If you have already scheduled a tour on our website and have questions, please reach out to our Vice President Siddharth Salunkhe at

If you've got any questions about the professional printing services we assist with or about any GWW School of Mechanical Engineering Course associated with us, you'll want to reach out to

Questions about our academic presence, our overhead, or any sponsorship opportunities?

You'll want to reach out to our faculty advisor, Dr. Amit Jariwala, for more information.

President - Gavin McGuire -

Vice President - Siddharth Salunkhe -

Shop Manager - Tim Felbinger -

Director of Operations - Constantine Venizelos -

Director of Finance - Archith Mahindra -

Director of Programming - Ritesh Bhatt -

Director of Safety - Ece Polat -

Director of Communications - Collin Morris -

Need help with a specific tool or project?  Schedule a time with our masters to answer any questions or receive any training you may need!

Masters Hours Spring 2020

Visit Us

One of the best ways to learn about us is to come visit! We are always excited to show visitors about our culture and our space. If you're a sponsor, a school, or an otherwise large group of guests, we'll have to schedule a specific time for you to visit.

If you're a prospective student or even someone in the area who'd like to drop by, we offer self-guided tours during our open hours that gives you a chance to ask questions to the Prototyping Instructors on duty at the time. Download our map below to get started!

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