The Invention Studio

The Invention Studio

The Invention Studio is made of three major areas occupying the second floor of the MRDC. Each area indicates the types of tools and service available, as well as the Personal Protective Equipment required to be in the area. Hover over the areas to learn more about what tools we offer in the Invention Studio.

Laser Cutters 3D Printers Craftland Electronics Paint Booth Metal Shop Wood Shop Waterjets CNC Software

Laser Cutters

We have 4 lasers with a whole host of accessories available for our users!

3D Printers

Bring your wildest designs to life with our 3D Printer Fleet! We've got everything from basic FDM to SLA print capabilities.


Need to create mechatronics circuitry or string together a bunch of LEDs? Whatever your project, Electronics has the equipment you're looking for.

Paint Booth

What's a project without a good coat of paint. If you're looking for a safe, ventilated area to spray paint or stain on campus - look no further!

    Metal Shop

    Make sparks and chips fly in our metal shop! We've got industry-level equipment that we'd love to teach you.

    Wood Shop

    Clamp, cut, and sand your way to your next big woodworking project!


    We have 3 waterjets of varying sizes and capabilities available to our users.


    More accurate than a 3D printer, more versatile than a laser cutter - use our CNC tools when you need to make large, complex shapes.


    We have several computers tricked out will all the software you will need in your next project!