How to Order

We have an online storefront here that is hosted by the Georgia Tech Marketplace.

All orders must be placed through the online storefront. If you come to the store without already receiving confirmation on an online order's fulfilment you will only be met with our cool sign!

Our items are organized into categories and subcategories to make it easy to find exactly what you need for your project.

Make sure to check the details of what you are buying! A picture of 1/4 inch MDF and 1/2 inch MDF will look very similar.

You will receive an email once a Studio Assistant has compiled all of the items for your order. After this point come by the Flowers Invention Studio anytime during open hours and ask someone wearing an armband to retrieve your order!

Our store is located in the Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex (MRDC) on the Second Floor right next to the IDEA Lab and the Flowers Invention Studio.

We don't regularly have people staffing the location with the large Studio Store sign, but come into the Flowers Invention Studio on the other side of the pod and you will find plenty of people glad to help you pickup you order!

What is the Studio Store?

The Studio Store is a store operated by the Invention Studio that sells materials at cost to members of the Georgia Tech Community.

We are located in the Wepfer Design Commons right outside the Flowers Invention Studio. The only more convenient location would be inside the table saw you would use to cut down your materials!

A Store without Profit

We are able to run our store without profit through the same mechanisms that allow us to offer free use of hundreds of thousands of dollars of tools. Our space is run by student volunteers, called Prototyping Instructors, and our funding comes from Georgia Tech and generous sponsors. We really have no incentive to price gouge our users.

The easier it is to acquire materials, the more cool creative projects can be achieved, which is a win all around.