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The bandsaw is a cutting tool that uses a metal “band” with teeth to cut into the material. This can be used for either straight (with the guide) or curved (without the guide) cuts. The bandsaw is able to cut smaller pieces with more ease than other large cutting power tools such as the table saw where handling the part through the entire cut is necessary.


Large Cut Height

The Max Cutting Height of this bandsaw is 14 inches, but we advise that you position the guard just above the height of your piece at the time.

Cut Width

This tool has a minimum cut width of 1.15mm.

Blade Speed

This tool's blade spins at a rate of 3100 SFPM.


Due to being in the wood room, the bandsaw can only be used to cut woods or plastics.


  •       Plywood
  •       Particleboard
  •       Hardwoods
  •       Softwoods


  •       PVC
  •       Polycarbonate/Lexan
  •       Acrylic


Safety glasses and closed toe shoes are required in the wood room and must be worn while operating the bandsaw. If a large amount of dust is produced while cutting, a dust mask is advised to be worn.

Safety Features

The bandsaw has a magnetic safety key to allow the bandsaw to be started. To stop the bandsaw, use either the red switch on the left of the tool or the foot brake on the bottom of the machine. Using the foot break ensures that the blade stops as well. Do not remove jammed cutoff pieces until the blade has stopped moving. Make sure to tie back hair and loose clothing when using the bandsaw.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Plug in the bandsaw.
  2. Place the yellow magnetic safety key into the key holder.
  3. Rotate the safety key to the locked position to prevent it from falling off during operation.
  4. Press the green switch to ensure the bandsaw blade moves and is not wobbly.
  1. Place your workpiece on the table.
  2. Adjust the bandsaw height using the adjustment wheel on the front of the machine.
  3. If the cut needs to be straight, align the cutting mark with the blade using the fence.
  4. Lock the fence in place.
  5. Turn on the bandsaw and let the blade reach full speed before starting the cut.
  6. Make the cut. If the workpiece is too small to comfortably push it through the saw, use a push stick or any scrap wood to push the workpiece through the bandsaw.
  7. Turn off the bandsaw by pushing the red button or brake pedal.
  8. Remove the workpiece when the blade stops moving.
  9. Begin cleaning
Toss scrap pieces of wood into scrap bin. Sweep or vacuum sawdust off the floor and machine to ensure a clean work surface for the next user.


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Article was written by Constantine Venizelos.

Last Updated: August 27 2018.

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