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Embird is an embroidery and stitch digitizing software available to users of the Invention Studio. Embird has several different components, including Embird Editor for tweaking and viewing embroidery files and Embird Studio for creating and generating files from scratch. Embird can be used to create beautiful embellishments on any fabric piece, and it can be used to design circuit traces for wearable electronic projects as well.

Key Vocabulary

Embird has a unique way of referring to specific objects in the design. Embird Studio, particularly, has ways to modify and convert specific elements to elements of other types. These types include:

Fill - Embird will fill the entire closed object with a tight-knit stitch pattern of your choosing.

Outline - The equivalent of a stroke in Embird. An outline can have a simple single stitch, a satin stitch, or a custom border pattern applied to it.

Column - A fill defined by the offset of an outline. You can also generate your own columns manually.

Applique - A piece of fabric stitched down onto your base, with a satin stitch border around the outside of the patch.

Motif - A loose group of decorative stitches, which leave large swaths of fabric uncovered - can be used on fill objects.

Carve - An indented shape in an existing fill. Carves can be used to add detail to an otherwise plain design.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Click on the Embird Icon on the desktop of the computer. This will open Embird Editor.
  2. Once the program is open, click the needle icon in the top left corner of the program to open Embird Studio.

Creating a file from a vector image:

  1. Export a vector from Inkscape in .wmf format.
  2. Go to File > Import Vector File and select the .wmf you made in Inkscape.
  3. Use the corner anchors to resize your object, referencing the dimensions at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select and apply colors to the objects in your design. Do this by clicking on each object or group of objects, right clicking, and selecting the color menu on the dropdown.
  5. Format the objects by defining which types of stitches the objects should have. Do this by right clicking on the object in question, then selecting the Parameters menu, where you can select multiple types of decorative stitching.
  6. Select all objects on the screen using the CTRL+A command, then right-click one of the objects and select Generate Stitches.
  7. Preview the final appearance of the stitches by viewing the 3D tab at the bottom, and then switch to the density tab to verify that the stitch density isn’t red or yellow for most of your design.
  8. Double-check the order of operations of the Embroidery Machine by viewing the Sim tab, which will preview the job as a simulation.
  9. Click the stitch icon in the upper left hand of the screen to compile your design into the Embird Editor. You will be prompted to save the file you’ve just made as a .eof file. Do so, if you’d like to continue editing it at a later date.
  10. When the design opens in Embird Editor, it will prompt you to save the file as a machine readable format. Save it as a .VP3 file on your flash drive, as this is compatible with the Husqvarna Topaz Sewing/Embroidery machine. Embroidery Arm
  11. Take your flashdrive over to the Embroidery Machine.

Make sure the .VP3 file fits on the hoop.

The Invention Studio currently has two embroidery hoops which are compatible with our machine: 120x120 mm and 360x200 mm. Before you save your .VP3 file, verify that your design fits within one of those two hoop sizes.

Can’t edit design?

  1. Check that the design being edited is the outline file, not the stitch file
  2. Ensure that the imported vector was a .wmf, as image files such as .png or .jpg will load, but will not show up in the final stitch file.

File doesn’t show up on machine?

  1. Make sure it saved under .vp3 to the correct flash drive.
  2. If it’s saved in a folder, place it in the main directory of the flash drive.
  3. Make sure that the flash drive is under 8GB in size. The Embroidery Machine doesn’t read files over that size.

What colors are available for my design?

The Invention Studio has a wide selection of Madeira Rayon Embroidery Threads. We’ve uploaded our thread catalog directly into Embird, so that you can preview your designs. To apply a color from our catalog to your design, simply highlight your element, then select the choose from thread catalog button at the top of Embird Studio. Make sure the catalog is set to Invention Studio Embroidery Threads, and then select the color you want.

License expired/not available?

  1. Make sure the computer is logged onto ME Shared Accounts.
  2. Reach out to a master to load saved passwords.


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Author Information

Article was written by Emily Orton and Veronica Spencer.

Last Updated: August 15, 2018.

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