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The embroidery arm is an accessory for the Husqvarna Viking Topaz sewing machine that allows it to interpret and fabricate the computer generated stitching designs that users can create in Embird. Aside from Custom designs, the machine is loaded with premade embroidery patterns - such as text and basic graphics. Machine embroidery involves a calibrated table moving a hooped piece of fabric while the machine stitches into the fabric. [link to sewing machine]


Two Hoop Sizes

We have two hoops for this accessory: small (120mmx120mm) and large (360mmx220mm)

Colorful Patterns

We have a wonderful selection of colors to embroider, but the machine can only do one color at a time.


  • Light to heavy woven fabrics
  • Threads:
    • Embroidery
    • Conductive
    • Bobbinfil
  • Stabilizer
    • Tear-away
    • Dissolvable
  • Spray adhesive (optional)


  • Hair and loose articles of clothing must be tied up.
  • Keep hands clear of the arm when in operation.
  • Safety glasses are recommended for high speed embroidery, in case of a broken needle.

Safety Features

The stop button on the arm of the machine will halt embroidery.

Example Work

Embroidered QR Code

The Finished Code.
See the full Instructable here!

Freestanding Lace Rose

Embroidering on Sweatshirts with Split Applique

The finished appliques.

See the tutorial here.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Clear the area around the machine
  2. Remove the foot from the machine
  3. Insert a bobbin filled with bobbinfill thread.
  4. Slide the embroidery arm onto the sewing machine until it clicks
  5. Hit okay on the menu and allow the arm to calibrate - it will make loud clicking sounds, this is normal!
  6. Attach the R Embroidery Foot to the machine.
  1. Insert the USB stick with your custom pattern into the side of the machine.
  2. Thread the first color of embroidery thread through the needle, according to the sewing machine’s instructions.
  3. Use spray adhesive to attach stabilizer to the back of your fabric
  4. Place your fabric in the appropriately-sized hoop. (
  5. Slide the hoop into the machine.
  6. Press the rectangular hoop button (top left of screen buttons) and press the OK button to check the corners of the embroidery.
  7. Press start to begin embroidery.
  8. Follow prompts on the machine for cutting thread and swapping colors.
  9. Once embroidery has completed, snip the top and bottom thread.
  10. Remove the presser foot.
  11. Remove the hoop from the arm and remove your fabric.
  12. Tear the stabilizer off the back and snip errant threads.
  1. Release the embroidery machine by holding the handle under the left end of the arm. Pull the arm to the left, and remove it from the area.
  2. Remove bobbinfill bobbin and embroidery thread from the machine and return to the correct box.
  3. Return hoops to the drawer.
  4. Reattach the accessory box to the rear of the machine
  5. Clean up errant threads
  6. Return any sewing scissors to the back of the cutting tools drawer.
  7. Carefully inspect the area for errant pins or needles and return them to the correct location or dispose of them in the sharps container.
  8. Place the cover back on the machine.
- Thread keeps breaking?
  1. Lower the speed of embroidery
  2. Adjust the top thread tension
  3. Check embroidery files for density in Embird.
  - Thread keeps breaking?
  1. Check that the bobbin is rotating in the right direction
  2. Rethread the machine
  3. Check that the needle is in the right way
  4. Adjust the thread tension
  - Bird nesting( lots of thread knotted on one side of the fabric)?
  1. Clear out the tangled threads
  2. Adjust the thread tension.
  3. Ensure the machine is threaded correctly.


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Author Information

Article was written by Emily Orton.

Last Updated: August 27 2018.

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