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The laminator uses heat to seal plastic around paper, cardstock, or fabric, increasing the durability and water resistance. This machine is often used to create lasting signs within the Invention Studio. Laminated materials can also function as dry erase surfaces.



Entry width = 12.5"


Laminating capacity = .02" / 0.5 mm

Min pouch thickness = 3 Mil (per side)

Max pouch thickness = 5 Mil (per side)



  • Laminator pouch
  • Paper, Cardstock, Thin materials

Safety Features

DO ensure the machine is on a stable surface.

DO test laminate scrap sheets and set the machine before final laminations.

DO remove staples and other metal articles prior to laminating.

DO keep the machine away from heat and water sources.

DO turn off the machine after each use.

DO unplug the machine when not in use for an extended period.

DO use pouches designed for use at the appropriate settings.

DO ensure self-adhesive pouches are only used with the cold setting.

DO NOT attempt to open or otherwise repair the machine.

DO NOT laminate sharp or metal objects (eg: staples, paper clips).

DO NOT laminate heat-sensitive documents (eg: tickets, ultrasounds etc) on hot settings.

DO NOT laminate with self-adhesive pouches on hot settings.

DO NOT laminate an empty pouch.

Example Work

Saturn™3i 125 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit

How To Use This Tool

  1. Ensure the machine is on a stable surface.
  2. Check there is enough clear space (min 20”) behind the machine to allow items to pass through freely
  3. Plug the machine into an easily accessible main socket
  1. Switch the power on (located at the rear of the machine)
  2. The control panel buttons will flash once as part of a check light system to ensure proper function.
  3. The machine defaults to the 3mil hot setting. For 4mil, 5mil or cold laminating press the corresponding pouch selection buttons.
  4. When the machine is ready, a beep will sound and temperature setting button will stop flashing and remain on.
  5. Place the document into the open pouch. Ensure the document is centered against the sealed edge. Use the appropriate pouch size for the document.
  6. Ensure the pouch enters the machine sealed edge first. Keep the pouch straight and central within the slot, not on an angle. Use the entry markings as a guide.
  7. Upon exit, the laminated pouch may be hot and soft. For the best quality and to prevent jamming remove the pouch immediately. Place the pouch on to a flat surface to cool. Take care when handling a hot pouch. Always remove laminate pouch before starting next laminate.
  8. To release a pouch during lamination activate the release lever located at the rear of the machine. Gently pull pouch out of machine.
  1. Wait for machine to cool, then return to shelf.
  2. Put away pouches.


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Author Information

Article was written by Emily Orton, and edited by Collin Morris.

Last Updated: March 12 2020.

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