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The Invention Studio has two Singer brand sewing machines, which are used by inserting a bobbin and thread of choice, along with making use of a pedal on the ground, which determines the speed of the sewing machine.  Users can be trained by a PI on this tool, and there is a bin of scrap fabric to choose from for learning or small projects.  For specific projects, users need to supply their own material.


The Singer sewing machines can bind different fabrics together in a variety of stitch types.


  • various fabrics
  • thread



  • proceed with caution when using the sewing machine
  • ask for help if inexperienced


  • forget to thread the machine
  • slam on the pedal

Safety Features

If the paddle is released at any time, the nibbler will stop cutting. In addition, if the cord is unplugged, the nibbler has no stored energy capacity and will not continue cutting.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Make sure sewing machine is plugged in and turned on.
  2. Thread the sewing machine correctly (ask a PI for assistance, if needed).
  1. Pin/secure fabrics that need to be sewn together
  2. Begin pressing lightly on the pedal of the sewing machine to begin sewing
  3. If sewing a corner, stop work, lift the foot, and turn your work before proceeding
  4. When complete, take foot off the pedal and release the foot on the machine to retrieve you wor
  5. Cut ends of the thread and tie to secure
  1. Remove the waste material from the sewing machine, or discard with other scrap material.

If the sewing machine is having issues, ask a PI or a studio assistant for help.  Make sure you threaded everything correctly and placed the foot down on your work before proceeding!

Please ask a PI/contact Singer for additional troubleshooting.



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