Welcome to the Flowers Invention Studio!

The Invention Studio is a student run organization located in the Flowers Invention Studio. We support ALL students, staff, and faculty in building their dream project, whether it’s for research, personal or academic usage. Our tools are 100% free to use. See you soon!


Now Open on Fridays

We are excited to announced that we are extending our hours to include Fridays from 11AM- 4:45PM!

This will continue until the last day that the Flowers Invention Studio will be open to the general GT community, which is Thursday April 22nd.

We hope this extra opening time will help you finish out your projects, academic, research, or personal, that you have been working hard on all semester!

Current COVID-19 Operation

In response to COVID-19, the Invention Studio is open with some added precautions.

  • The Invention Studio is open Monday - Thursday between 11:00 AM and 4:45 PM.
  • All rooms now have a maximum occupancy! As a result, all students are required to sign into and out of SUMS as they enter and exit the studio.
  • If this maximum occupancy is met, you must sign into a wait list on SUMS and be notified when there is availability.
  • To ensure that students maintain minimal interaction with PIs, students should look at our Tools & Equipment tab and virtual training videos to better familiarize themselves with a tool before coming into the studio.
  • Safety glasses are not to be reused before being sanitized, and should not be placed back on shelves after use.