Become a PI

So you want to be a Prototyping Instructor? Join the club. Literally.

Prototyping Instructors are trusted members of the Invention Studio at Georgia Tech (a student organization that runs and maintains the Flowers Invention Studio). If you love to build, learn, and teach, please consider becoming a PI. You'll be glad that you did.

Download the skills checklist to get started!

Fall Semester 2020 - During the Fall we are still allowing students to get trained  in person and complete checklists to become a PI until October 1st after which time training will be limited. We strongly encourage students to watch our virtual training videos on a tool before coming into the studio; if a student feels comfortable after watching them, they may take the exam for that portion of the checklist, otherwise they can also receive training in person. 


Checkout our virtual training videos!

Download the skills checklist!

Download the checklist files!

Download the provisional training guide!