SUMS Tool Pages for Advanced Trainings:

Below are the tools that are ready for training requests and signups. Click the tool link, login to SUMS, then click the ‘Training Requirements’ button to request and sign up for trainings.

PCB Mill

CAMaster CNC Router


Manual Mill

Wood Lathe

Metal Lathe

Embroidery Machine

TIG Welder


Equipment Information Pages:

A photo of a 3D printed kiwi with the invention studio logo

3D Printer (Standard)

We have a fleet of almost 40 3D Printers available for you to use for free!

See our 3D Printers

A 3D print master changing a resin tank.

3D Printer (Resin)

Our resin (SLA) printers allow a crazy high level of precision, and a wide range of materials!

See our Resin 3D Printers


Our Bike tools features probably every Park Tool you’ve ever heard of!

See our Bike tools

Craftland (Fabric)

Our Fabric section of Craftland features sewing machines, embroidery machines, and more.

Check out our equipment!

Craftland (Non-Fabric)

The Non-Fabric section of Craftland allows you to make buttons, stickers, and much more

Coming Soon!


Electronics covers all of your electrical needs from soldering to advanced circuit design

Learn about Electronics!


We have a fleet of 4 laser cutters capable of cutting wood, cardboard, and select plastics

Coming Soon!

Metal CNC

We have several Metal CNC machines, including a 4-axis Tormach!

Learn More!

Photo of a person cutting up cans in the metal room with a Milwaukee flag behind him.

Metal Room

Our Metal Room has a wide selection of tools from small handheld power tools to mills and lathes

Learn More!

Paint Booth

Our Paint Booth provides a safe and well ventilated place to paint and stain!

Coming Soon!


We have two waterjets, and the larger OMAX is capable of cutting through 6 inches of steel, and much more

Check out our OMAX Waterjet!

Shows a welding master actively welding using our MIG welder.


we have a TIG Welder and plenty of electrodes for optimal welding of steel and aluminum

See our welder

Wood CNC

Our CAMMaster allows you to create complicated details on all of your woodworking projects

Coming Soon!

Wood Room

Our Wood Room features a planer, jointer, lathe, drills, saws, sanders, hand tools, and more

Learn More!