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We're an organization with a lot going on, and we know that you're a person with stuff to do and places to see. To make it easier to talk to us, we've sorted ourselves out into a few different categories: general questions, equipment-focused questions, staff-based questions, and questions for our faculty advisor.

Want to set up a collaborative event? Want to understand more about how we operate? Want to reach out to our Executive Board?

Send us a quick email about it! Make sure to include a descriptive title!

If you've got any questions about the professional printing services we assist with or about any GWW School of Mechanical Engineering Course associated with us, you'll want to reach out to

Questions about our academic presence, our overhead, or any sponsorship opportunities?

You'll want to reach out to our faculty advisor, Dr. Amit Jariwala, for more information.

All of our execs are here to help! If you would like to schedule a meeting with any of us, feel free to email us or find us around the Flowers Invention Studio during our Exec Hour.

President - HK (Hasanain Karim) - Tuesday 1-2PM -

Vice President - Will Cooper - Thursday 12:30-1:30PM-

Shop Manager - Danielle Newman - Wednesday Noon-1PM -

Director of Operations - Kai Vong - Wednesday Noon-1PM -

Director of Finance - Brad Greer - Friday Noon-1PM -

Director of Programming - Nicholas Heydinger - Tuesday 2-3PM -

Director of Safety - Claire Crose - Wednesday 2-3PM-

Director of Communications - Chris McDonnell - Monday 11AM-Noon -

Director of Technology - Claudia Vitale - Friday 2-3PM -

Need help with a specific tool or project?  Schedule a time with our masters to answer any questions or receive any training you may need!

We have returned to regularly scheduled Master's Hours for the Fall 2021 Semester. Come to the Flowers Invention Studio and find your respective master wearing a blue armband! You can also reach out to our masters via the email addresses below.

3D Printer - Monday 2-3PM. Tuesday 12-1PM and 2-3PM. Thursday 11AM-Noon. Friday 3-4PM

Bike - Wednesday 11AM-Noon. Thursday 4-5PM

Craftland & Paint Booth - Wednesday 4-5PM. Friday Noon-1PM

Electronics - Monday Noon-1PM. Thursday 4-5PM

Laser - Wednesday Noon-1PM

Metal Room - Thursday Noon-1PM. Friday 1-2PM

Metal CNC - Monday 9-10AM. Tuesday 12-2PM. Thursday 9-10AM

Waterjet - Monday 3-4PM. Wednesday 1-2PM

Wood Room - Monday 1-2PM. Tuesday Noon-1PM. Friday 2-4PM

Wood CNC - Tuesday 7-8PM. Thursday 7-8PM

Welding - Thursday 3-4PM. Friday 12-1PM

CAE/FEA Helpdesk - No Masters Hours Presently



Visit Us

We have now resumed our In-Person Tours! If you are a company, prospective student, or student organization and want to learn more about our space, please schedule one in the week below. One of our student volunteers will be happy to show you all the wonderful things we have to offer.

You can also download our map below to get started!

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