Professional Tools

Photo of wall of tools in Bike.

Our Bike area is based around the Park Tool MK-278 tool kit. In Park Tool's own words it is "The tool set… to end all tool sets." It contains bike specific tools that, unless you've worked at a bike repair shop, you've probably never heard of. For example: a '1.5” Crown Race Setting System'. We still have all of the essentials, so whether you're looking to fix a flat tire or do a complete bike build, we have you covered.

One Stop Shop

Bike tools on the bike stand for a pedal swap operation

Our Bike area is set up to make your repairs as fast as possible, without having to rely on tools in other tool groups or room! To make that possible we have a compressed air line running right to the area with a bike attachment on the end so you can rapidly inflate your tires. We have all of the tools labelled on our peg board so they should always be where you expect them to be.

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Common Consumables

We all know the struggle of doing a bike repair and realizing it will take several days for a very minor part to arrive. To alleviate this, we do our best to stock many common consumables like chain lube, brake cables, brake housings, and patch kits! These are completely free to use on your bike. Given that they are consumable, we can't guarantee they will be there in the future, but our Bike Masters will try.

Common Repairs

Flat Tire

We've got patch kits that will let you get a new life out of your inner tube!

Dirty Chain

Been too long since you cleaned your chain? We've got the cleaning tool, de-greaser and new lube!

Bad Shifting

With our bike stand and the right screwdriver, adjusting your shifters is super easy!

Wheel Misaligned

We have a truing stand to let your allign your wheels so they spin straight!

Bad Brakes

Whether your brakes are just misaligned or need completely new pads, you have the tools to make the repair!

Swap Pedals

We have every size of pedal wrench so swapping out pedals can be as easy as any other repair.