From nice soldering irons, to a PCB mill, we probably have the right tools to build and assemble your electronics project. We have three fully flushed out workstations, so there's almost always a seat for you.


After building your circuit on a breadboard, protoboard, or PCB, you'll need to test it. We have all of your standard tools like an oscilloscope, power supply, waveform generator, alongside an RLC meter, a microscope, and more!

Common Consumables

Blue structure with lots of available consumables.

Every electronics project has realized at some point that it is missing one key resistor. That one fraction of a penny can bring the whole project to halt for days! To help alleviate this, we stock many common consumables items like resistors that will hopefully help your project go smoother!

Commonly Used Tools

Soldering Irons

We have a range of sizes of soldering tips and high power Weller stations, hot air station, reflow oven, and pre-heater!


Our Keysight Electronics oscilloscope can view 4 mixed signals and 16 digital signals concurrently. It has a max sample rate: 5 GSa/s and a bandwidth of 500 MHz.

Function Generator

Our Keysight function generator allows arbitrary waveform generation up to 1 GSa/s and 64MSa. It's 17 built-in waveforms allow for easy circuit input creation.


We have Fluke-179 multimeters that can measure current in series or inductively with a clamp meter. It can measure up to 1000V AC/DC, 10A AC/DC,  50 MΩ resistance, 10,000 μF capacitance, and frequencies up to 100 kHz.

Precision Hand Tools

From working on a laptop screen replacement to swapping out your glasses or watch, we have the right tools to manipulate even the smallest of parts!

PCB Mill

You can make your own PCB in a matter of minutes with our PCB mill! You can create two layer boards with a max build volume of 12in by 12in, and build its circuit in the same day.