Large Tools

For the times when you have to work with large stock, we have large machines to match! Our horizontal and vertical bandsaws can cut your part to size, and then our lathe, drill press, and grinders can bring the part in. If you're looking for our collection of CNC Mills or Waterjet, they have their own pages!

Small Tools

We have an extensive tool wall of Milwaukee power tools, which features everything from your basic hand drills to handheld bandsaws! Unpowered tools like files and deburring tools are neatly tucked away in our cabinets.


It is always really frustrating when you are working on a project and realize you need one more bolt to get a working prototype. To try to save you in that situation, we have an assortment of bolt and nuts along our side wall!

Commonly Used Tools

Metal Lathe

Our Harrison M300 lathe allows you to produce high quality turned parts for any application!

NOTE: Using the metal lathe requires specific training. Email our metal masters to ask to get trained! Lathe training from other sources does not qualify you to use our lathe.

Drill Press

Our 2HP Baileigh drill press has fine tuned variable RPM from 150 to 3,000 RPM allowing you to comfortably cut across a wide range of drill sizes, types, and materials.


We have both a standalone vertical and horizontal bandsaw allowing you to easily cut parts of many sizes. Our horizontal bandsaw, a DoAll C-916, even features integrated coolant flow to make cutting down stock exceptionally easy.

Hand Tools

We have a large assortment of hand tools. There are too many to list here. Milwaukee Tool generously sponsors us with many of their product lines, meaning if you have heard of a hand tool, we probably have it!

Grinding Wheels

We have a pair of grinding and buffing wheels that allow you to clean up and polish your finished parts!


Looking to make your parts with a mill? We have several, but they are found under the Metal CNC Tool Group! Check it out here.