Our Machine

Shows a welding master adjusting the amperage on the welder

Our Welder is a Miller Dynasty 200 DX TIG Welder, which rated up to 200 Amps.

It allows a high level of control over your arc, featuring Advance Squarewave, Soft Squarewave, tradition Sine Wave, Triangular Waves, and DC.


Wide Angle shot of the welding area in the Montgomery Machining Mall

Our welding system is located inside the Montgomery Machining Mall (MMM) due to various safety and logistics reasons which adds an additional layer to accessing the machine.

Primarily, the MMM must be open for anyone, PIs included, to use the tool. No one, not even our Welding Masters, have the normal 24/7 access that PIs enjoy with all of our tools. This should not impact regular users since the MMM's hours normally encompass the open hours of the Invention Studio.

Secondarily, during open hours PIs will not be staffing the welding area without someone actively working on a part, unlike our other 3 main spaces, the Wood Room, Metal Room, and Hub, which generally always have a PI during open hours. Therefore, users should come to the Hub to ask for a welding-trained PI to assist them with their welds before heading to the MMM.

Filler Material

Filler material for TIG welder. E7092 visible.

We have some filler material available for you to use for free! If you think a different type of filler would be generally useful for most people, contact our Welding Masters via email at welding@inventionstudio.gatech.edu to request that we stock it in the future.

Contact Welding Masters

Due to the new nature of welding to the Invention Studio, our Masters are especially important!

Reach out to them via their email, welding@inventionstudio.gatech.edu, if you have any questions about the capabilities of our welding equipment, or if you have a project in mind and need some welding guidance.

Welding Process Overview