Large Power Tools

For your largest projects, we have our largest tools! We have a SawStop table saw, a jointer, planer, drill press, bandsaw and more. Please don't be intimidated by the size of these tools, our Prototyping Instructors can help you through every step of their safe operation.

Handheld Power Tools

We have a wide assortment of Makita tools that allow you to drill, fasten, cut, and sand your way to a successful project! You don't have to use a drill for a task that's better suited by an impact driver.

Hand Tools

Sometimes the best way to make a project is with your own hands! You can get fine control with our collection of hand planes, chisels, and saws.

Common Operations


We have dozens of tools that can cut your wood, from a bandsaw to a track saw, to selection of hand saws. Each is ready for their moment to shine during your projects!


Turning, the process of making round parts on a lathe, can be done on our Powermatic VFD014S21U Wood Lathe! You can make everything from a custom pen to bowls or table legs.

***Important*** Unlike most tools in the Wood Room, the wood lathe requires specific training by a Wood Master! Email them to set up a training time.


You can fasten wood in a crazy variety of ways. Our pneumatic air brad nailer, and electric staple gun allow for quick fastening, while our array of impact drivers and screws allow you to pull those critical connections tight.


Glue-ups are sometimes the most stressful part of a woodworking project, but we have done our best to make it as easy as possible! We have a wide assortment of clamps and fixturing available to make sure you are locking in your parts the way you want them.


Not only do we have sandpaper available, we have at least 7 different tools dedicated to sanding! To briefly list them: An edge sander, a circular sander, a drum sander, a small belt sander, a spindle sander, a portable belt sander, and an orbital hand sander.

CNC Routers

Interested in our massive CAMaster CNC router, or the other equally cool CNC routers you can see in the background? These tools belong to out Wood CNC tool group, which will have its own dedicated page shortly!