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There's all sorts of exciting things happening in the Invention Studio. From the events that we host to the projects we help build, we've got a lot to show you! Browse through our posts, and see what's coming out of the country's largest academic makerspace!

Want to share something that you've made here? We love to see what the campus is using our facilities for! Email our Director of Communications at if you're interested in being featured!


Invention Studio Beginner Projects

Looking for beginner project ideas? This database of projects tailor made for beginners will give you inspiration and step-by-step instructions to complete each project.

Maker Grant Projects

The Maker Grant program is an opportunity for Prototype Instructors to receive funding to design and build a project. With the support of the Invention Studio, students can focus on their learning experiences as they tackle projects they are passionate about.

Maker Grant projects are documented and published as instructional tools. Click on a project to learn more!

Ventilator CAE performed by JJ
CAE/CAD Helpdesk
There's all sorts of exciting things happening in the Invention Studio. From the events that we host to the projects
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Virtual Hackathon
Welcome! This is the Invention Studio Online Fall Hackathon sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments. 
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Miles’s Plane
Our resident RC guru and Waterjet Master Miles Chan took a break from summer classes to fly his latest build
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Teams of up to four worked hard over a weekend to generate informative content about our tools to share on
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Flying Broomstick Simulator
A team of Capstone students - including Prototyping Instructors Tom Mezaros and Lance Lu - created a truly magical prototype!
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Spring 2018 Banquet
Every semester, the GWW School of Mechanical Engineering likes to reward us for our hard work by throwing us a
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Capstone Trophies
At the end of each Capstone Expo, top teams are awarded a cash prize - and each teammate gets a
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Build GT Spring 2018
Continuing our partnership with HackGT, we helped host their second ever hardware hack-a-thon on March 10, 2018.
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Recruit Training Spring 2018
We're always looking for new Prototyping Instructors to join the team and share our expertise and enthusiasm for making with
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KiCad Workshop
Invention Studio Alumnus and former Electronics Master Matt Arceri (ECE) returned to give a crash course on circuit board design
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Check nozzle height.
Battlebots Season 3 Prep
The Invention Studio hosted the Georgia Tech members of Chaos Corps as they cut the weapons for their Season 3
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