Professional 3D Print Submissions

The professional-level 3D printers in the Invention Studio are available to serve students and research faculty/staff. Students who need prints for their course projects or extra-curricular projects can get their parts printed for free.  Please visit this link for information on SUMS Billing Group, required for research prints. The costs and capabilities of these professional printers are available at right.

To submit a job, simply fill out the form below and upload your .STL model files. Please note that print jobs may be rejected if the model can more easily be created by another process besides printing. Clint Rinehart currently maintains the printer queue for the professional printers. The lab may reject your print request if it is determined that your requested parts could be made by alternate conventional manufacturing process.

Stratasys Dimension 1200ES / F170

$17 per cubic inch

ABS and Dissolvable Support

EOS Formiga P110 (SLS)

$17 per cubic inch

Nylon SLS