Up, Up, and Away!

Our resident RC guru and Waterjet Master Miles Chan took a break from summer classes to fly his latest build - his 5th so far. Miles applies what he learns from established designs - like the one he tested today - to create and tweak his own designs. Why does he build so many airplanes? "Honestly, I enjoy the airplanes because they put into practice the stuff I've worked on in from a theoretical perspective." Next time you see him on the Burger Bowl with one of his creations, stop and say hi!

Quick Facts

  • Miles has been a Prototyping Instructor for 2 years.
  • He uses the laser cutters, electronics stations, and foam core tools to cut out his creations.
  • The model of plane he's flying is the FT Simple Scout by Flite Test.
  • Miles is finishing up his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, but he has plans to continue on with a doctorate.

How to Follow Up:

  • Want to fly planes with Miles? Build your own - https://www.flitetest.com/articles/ft-simple-scout.
  • See what else he's up to! Visit Miles's website - [link here].
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