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Our OMAX Maxiem 1515 has returned to operational usage as of 6/22/2021, but doing so required temporarily replacing it's tilting head that enabled 5-axis cuts with a standard head that only allows 3-axis cuts. If you are not familiar with 5-axis machining, then this change will make no difference to your usage of the tool compared to it being fully operational!

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The OMAX Maxiem 1515 is capable of cutting complicated contours in a wide variety of materials using a high pressure stream of water and garnet abrasive. It includes advanced features such as the 5 axis cutting head for cutting tapered parts, low pressure settings for brittle materials, as well as etching and scribing settings. Other accessories include rapid water level adjustment and automatic garnet feed from an external reservoir.


Handles Large Materials

The maximum bed size of the Maxiem 1515 is a little less than 5'x5'.

Kerf Width

This tool has a kerf of 0.021", so features smaller than this will not turn out.

Cut Depth

The Maxiem 1515 can cut up to 6" of mild steel.


Because the waterjet's pressurized garnet and water stream are non-reactive,  you can cut through materials that aren't able to be cut in the laser cutter. Among the things that you can cut in the Maxiem 1515 are: metals, woods, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass.


Safety glasses and closed-toed shoes are required when operating the waterjet. Ear protection is optional as the piercing phase of the cut and above water cuts can both be loud.

Safety Features

The main E-stop is a large red button located on the right side of the computer cart. Pushing the E-stop will stop all water flow and powered motion. The nozzle will descend, as the z-axis actuator will be unpowered.

Jobs can also be instantly paused by hitting the spacebar or clicking the pause button in the cut dialog on the computer screen.

Never place hand near cutting head. Always check the entire cut envelope for collisions with weights, clamps, and other obstacles before starting a cut, as detailed in the Operating Equipment section.

Example Work

Marble Tile Carpet

The waterjet's ability to cut intricate pieces of marble allows the creation of beautiful tiled patterns.

Waterjet Cutting Racecar Parts

Waterjetting Titanium Parts

How To Use This Tool


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Author Information

Article was written by Miles Chan, and edited by Veronica Spencer.

Last Updated: August 12 2018.

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