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The planer is used to create a consistent thickness on a wood workpiece. It will cut the wood a specific thickness parallel to the bottom surface of the workpiece. This means that any imperfections on the bottom of the workpiece will be transferred to the top. Use the planer in combination with the joiner to create square parts.



The piece must be at least 14 inches long to safely travel through the planer


The Planer can take pieces that are a maximum of 14-7/8 inches wide.


Workpices can be a maximum of 6 in and a minimum of 1/4 in


The planer only works on woods. Do not use any metals with the planer. Staples or nails in the wood can also damage the planer.

  • Hardwoods
  • Softwoods

Note: The planer can only handle side or face grain wood. It cannot work on endgrain


Safety glasses and closed toe shoes are required in the wood room and must be worn while operating the planer.

Safety Features

To stop the planer, press the red button on the control panel. This will stop the planer at any time. Make sure hands are clear of the planer and do not force wood through. Make sure the wood fits easily through the planer as well.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Plug in the planer to the wall outlet
  2. Open the valve on the dust collection
  3. Ensure that wood is long enough
  1. Set the planer to the correct height using the adjustment wheel on the side of the planer.
  2. Make sure the wood will easily pass through the front of the planer.
  3. Check that the wood can easily rest on the two plastic bars on top of the planer, if not, the wood is too short.
  4. Press the green button on the control panel to start the planer.
  5. Feed the wood into the planer and the planer will grab the wood and push it along. Do not touch the wood as it is passing through.
  6. Once the wood is through to the other side, it can be removed.
  7. Turn off the planer with the red button on the control panel.
  1. First unplug the planer.
  2. When finished with the planer, blow off the tool with compressed air and sweep or vacuum up sawdust around the planer. Make sure the workspace is clean for the next user.

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Last Updated: September 9 2018.

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