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The Weller Soldering Irons are 2 channel soldering irons located in the electronics area of the Invention Studio. Each soldering iron unit has 2 soldering irons that can be set to different temperatures. Soldering irons are great for connecting wires or soldering components onto PCBs.


Temperature Range

The temperature of each iron can range from 200-850 F

Dual Irons

The Weller soldering station has two separate irons typically equipped with a broad and narrow tip.

Resting Temp

To lengthen the tip life, the Weller soldering station will hold a lower temp when not in use. 


Soldering requires a soldering iron and a spool of solder. Flux is an optional fluid that can help the solder flow properly.


Since soldering can produce harmful fumes, use in conjunction with the Hakko FA-400 Smoke Absorber or in-wall fume extractor

Safety Features

If the soldering iron is turned on and then left alone for approximately five minute, it will automatically lower to a safer resting temperature.

Example Work

DIY Headphone Repair

Break your favorite headphones? Fix them! Note that this video demonstrates how useful Helping Hands can be

Cable Splicing

Cable splice is an important skill to add to your growing electronics knowledge

Stained Glass

Not all soldering projects have to be electrical. Check out this video on how to create your own stained glass!

How To Use This Tool

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Content coming soon!

  • Make sure to clean any excess solder from around the work station.
  • Wipe the tip of the soldering iron in the metal sponge at the base of the soldering iron holder.
  • Turn off the soldering iron by holding down on the two green buttons on the soldering iron side of the center console.
  • Use a hand broom and sweep away and scrap wires or components from the work bench

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Author Information

Article was written by Constantine Venizelos, and edited by Reed Morris

Last Updated: September 6 2018.

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